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Geno Smith's Quicker Trigger

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

One of Geno Smith's biggest flaws as a rookie was his lack of decisiveness at times. When rewatching his 2013, it seemed like part of it was just due to him not trusting his receivers. It was tough to blame him. The crew the Jets were running out there wasn't that great. He couldn't trust they would make correct reads.

I came across an interesting stat at Pro Football Focus. They had Geno's time to attempt at 2.36 seconds. It was the seventh quickest draw on the opening weekend. That is a marked improvement on his 2.79 number last year, which rated him 27th in the league among quarterbacks who took half of their team's snaps.

It is only one week. Geno also seemed like his trigger was too slow on the Charles Woodson interception. More than anything, I'm keeping my eye on this. Getting the ball out quickly means the pass rush has less time to get to the quarterback. Decisiveness is a good trait for this and many other reasons.