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GIF Breakdown: Oakland Raiders at New York Jets


Jeff Zelevansky

Welcome to the 2014 NFL season! Just as a heads up, this is not a traditional GIF Breakdown. There are a few plays I want to highlight. We won a game! Let's celebrate!



The New York Jets converted Antonio Allen from linebacker to safety and now to cornerback. Despite this being Allen's first start, he had a very good game. One of the notable things I was impressed with was Allen's ability to tackle. This isn't a traditional tackle, obviously, but it highlighted Allen's ability to get his arms around his opponent and stay latched on until the receiver was down.


One thing that Sheldon Richardson struggled with last season was generating a pass rush. In this game alone, Richardson was able to accumulate five hurries and quarterback hits. That's an impressive step forward for the Defensive Rookie of the Year. If he continues to develop, he's going to be the Defensive Player of the Year.


I don't think it can be understated how important Eric Decker is going to be for the offense this year. He's a real wide receiver that can run excellent routes and gain separation, something that was all too rare last year. In this play, Decker was flagged for a phantom offensive pass interference, but you can see the connection between Decker and Geno Smith that will only continue to blossom.


Chris Ivory has started this season right from where he left off last year. He wears you down, and then blam, he's got a 71-yard touchdown. Despite celebrating a little too early, it's still stunning to me how fast Ivory is for such a big man. Once he gets to the second level, it's very difficult to keep up with him. The fourth round draft pick the team used to trade for Ivory is looking more and more like a steal.



This has been fun, but I just want to let the family of Maurice Jones-Drew that I'm praying for his health and safety.