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NFL Rookie Performances Of The Week: Week 1

We all love the draft, but after the players have been selected and the season kicks off, it's time to see who's performing.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

You will all know that the NFL draft is a massive part of my role here at GGN, however every year I'll sift through the box scores to locate which rookies are performing straight off the bat. This year I decided to share that with our community, after all, someone else has to find this interesting right? Well if one person does, that's enough for me. So I'm just going to run down some of the performances that caught my eye this week. If you have any more, then pop them in the comments below.

Allen Hurns - Wide Receiver, Jacksonville Jaguars, Undrafted, Miami

Now I'm not sold on the defence of the Eagles but man this guy had a big day, especially as an undrafted rookie. 4 receptions, 110 yards and 2 touchdowns. He showed speed to get in behind and his hands were solid. Very impressed with him, lets see if he can keep it up.

Terrence West - Running Back, Cleveland Browns, Round 3, Towson

I only saw bits of his game on RedZone but to have 100 yards on 16 carries in your NFL début, now that is impressive. What I did see of him, he was running with authority, getting his shoulders down, keeping those legs churning and gaining yards after contact, one to watch for sure.

Isaiah Crowell - Running Back, Cleveland Browns, Undrafted, Alabama State

An undrafted rookie scoring two touchdowns in one game while his other rookie team mate picks up 100 yards. This may not last but if it does, congratulations to the Browns scouting department. Crowell had 32 yards on five carries and 2 touchdowns, impressive work by a man slated to miss the 53 cut.

Carlos Hyde - Running Back, San Francisco 49'ers, Round 2, Ohio State

Not a bad start for the man from Ohio. He's always been a well-built strong and powerful runner and he showed that last night with a 7 carry, 50 yards and 1 touchdown performance. Terrific downhill runner that showed he has the power for this level. Looking forward to seeing more.

Alfred Blue - Running Back, Houston Texans. Round 6, LSU

It may be a while until Blue is a household name, if that ever happens at all. However the 6th round selection made a big play on specials, blocking a punt and returning it for a touchdown. On the other end of that spectrum the punter who had his kick blocked was a rookie himself, Tress Way out of Oklahoma.

Kelvin Benjamin - Wide Receiver, Carolina Panthers, Round 1, Florida State

6 receptions, 92 yards and a touchdown in his début. I have to say I had my reservations about Kelvin, but he looked very dangerous yesterday against the Buccaneers, a real handful and used his body well. It's going to be interesting to see just how good he is this year, I'm waiting for him to face a better defense.

Ja'Wuan James - Offensive Tackle, Miami Dolphins, Round 1, Tennessee

Miami managed to only allow one sack, while rushing for nearly 200 yards of offence. Now I don't like giving them props for anything but I watched a lot of this game and thought James was superb in both pass protection and run blocking. Long way to go, but looked like a good first round selection.

Derek Carr - Quarterback, Oakland Raiders, Round 2, Fresno State

He didn't have a fantastic day and he did look a little nervous under pressure and should have been picked off at least once. However I thought he threw the ball reasonably well for his first start and ended the game with 20/32 for 151 yards, 2 touchdowns and 0 interceptions. Not a bat start.