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Oakland Raiders @ New York Jets: Defensive Snap Counts

Who played and how often for the New York Jets defence yesterday?

Jeff Zelevansky

Just like with the offensive one posted minutes ago, we are going to take a closer look at who played on the defensive side of the football yesterday for the Jets and how often they lined up.

Notice any surprises with the snap counts? Leave your comments below.

Player/Position Snaps % of Defensive Plays
D. Landry/SS 51 100%
C. Pryor/FS 51 100%
A. Allen/CB 51 100%
D. Walls/CB 51 100%
D. Harris/ILB 51 100%
D. Davis/ILB 51 100%
M. Wilkerson/DE 47 92%
S. Richardson/DE 44 86%
C. Pace/OLB 42 82%
Q. Coples/OLB 39 76%
K. Wilson/CB 23 45%
D. Harrison/NT 20 39%
J. Babin/OLB 13 25%
K. Ellis/DT 8 16%
T. Reilly/OLB 5 10%
L. Douzanle/DT 5 10%
T. Barnes/DT 5 10%
J. Jarrett/FS 2 4%
S. Hakim/S/WR 2 4%

Obviously a few things stand out here. First of all, Rex went all mad scientist again and played a wide receiver as a safety on two defensive snaps. With the secondary banged up, why not. All four members of the starting secondary unit played 100% of the snaps and at one point we actually had four safeties on the field in Pryor, Landry, Allen and Jarrett. The defensive tackles got some rest with Snacks only playing 39% of the snaps, we did push the Raiders into a lot of third and longs where we would shift in more athletic players.

I'm really pleased to see Trevor Reilly get 5 snaps on the defensive side of the football. He was one of my favourite prospects we signed in the 7th round this year and really pulling for him to make it, although I don't remember seeing him on the field. Coples had one big hit but for playing 76% of the defensive snaps, I really don't remember him doing a great deal which is worrying. Perhaps Babin and Reilly will see their snaps go up over the coming weeks if nothing changes, something to keep an eye one.