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Oakland Raiders @ New York Jets: Offensive Snap Counts

Who played and how often for the New York Jets yesterday

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

So who played on the offensive side of the ball for the Jets yesterday and how much action did they get.

Player Position Snaps Percentage of Offensive Plays
D. Ferguson Offensive Tackle 70 100%
W. Colon Offensive Guard 70 100%
B. Giacomini Offensive Tackle 70 100%
B. Winters Offensive Guard 70 100%
N. Mangold Centre 70 100%
G.Smith Quarterback 70 100%
E. Decker Wide Receiver 65 93%
D. Nelson Wide Receiver 57 81%
J. Cumberland Tight End 55 79%
J. Kerley Wide Receiver 45 64%
C. Johnson Running Back 33 47%
C. Ivory Running Back 30 43%
J. Amaro Tight End 21 30%
B. Powell Running Back 12 17%
T. Bohanon Full Back 12 17%
G.Salas Wide Receiver 10 14%
Z. Sudfeld Tight End 7 10%
M. Vick Quarterback 3 4%

Any surprises to anyone there? I don't think so. I thought Bohanon was in more than 17% of the plays but then again I didn't really hear his name or see him all that much. I wonder how much that early drop hurt Salas's playing time the rest of the game. When you are only seeing the field on 14% of the offensive plays, you need to take the opportunity when it comes your way.

Otherwise I'm not surprised by any of that. Perhaps would like to see Kerley in their more, but I noticed the Jets running out of the 2 wide formation quite a lot yesterday. Not a bad thing at all and he still got in there on plenty of plays. I always want to see the offensive line all at 100%, and it was good to see that.