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Jets Daytime Discussion Thread 9/8

Jeff Zelevansky

Good morning, GGN.

The Jets are 1-0! They beat the Raiders yesterday at the Meadowlands 19-14. The game itself was a bit of a mixed bag. The effort the Jets put forth was good enough to win against Oakland. It probably wouldn't have been good enough to win against most of the NFL. There are some things the Jets will clearly need to straighten out heading forward. A win is a win, though. Right? It sure beats losing.

Today figures to be a fairly quiet day around Florham Park as most Monday's after Sunday games are. We never know for sure until the day ends.

This is a thread for general Jets discussion. We have content scheduled to post through the day, but please bask in the warm glow of our Twitter widget, which will have news and commentary break from across the universe of Jets reporting on this first Monday of the regular season.