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New York Jets: Welcome to Overreaction Week

Jeff Zelevansky

Happy Overreaction Week!

This is a crazy week in the NFL. If your team won its opener, it seems like nothing can go wrong. The sky is the limit. Your team is going to play like that every week.

If your team has lost its opener, the opposite is true. Nothing can go right. The taste of losing is all you know in 2014. How can your team ever play like that again.

Of course these are overreactions. Week 1 matters. Let's say it takes 10 wins to get to the Playoffs. Going 9-6 over  the final 15 games is easier than going 10-5. All an opening win really guarantees, though, is your team won't finish 0-16. Just ask the 2001 Panthers who won their opener and finished 1-15.

The Jets obviously aren't going to finish 1-15 this season, but let's take a look at how they fared in the opener in Playoff seasons in the past two decades.

1998 Loss
2001 Loss
2002 Win
2004 Win
2006 Win
2009 Win
2010 Loss

The Jets were only 4-3 starting their Playoff seasons in the past two decades.

How have the seasons of their last ten Week 1 wins ended?

1997 No
2000 No
2002 Yes
2004 Yes
2006 Yes
2008 No
2009 Yes
2011 No
2012 No
2013 No

Four seasons ended in the Playoffs. Six didn't.

So I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but don't go nuts over the victory against the Raiders. There's still a long way to go.

Oh, who am I kidding? It's Overreaction Week! We beat Oakland! We're going all the way, baby!