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Jets Game Ball: Week 1 vs. Raiders

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Let's give out a game ball for yesterday's opening victory over the Oakland Raiders.

You can click here to see the players I rated highly in yesterday's game recap.

I think in this one I have to give my game ball to Antonio Allen. Playing a new position for the first time in a real game after a very abbreviated training period, he held up well. He was seldom tested down the field, but in the few instances he was Allen did the job. The Raiders also tried to dink and dunk under him, but he was a sound one on one tackler in the open field to minimize any damage from completions.

The Jets' defense played great, and the offense certainly had its moments. There are many worthy candidates, but I think the fact Allen was adapting to something new after his limited preparation period was cut short by injury gives him the nod.

Who gets your game ball?