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New York Jets: The Dreaded Backfield

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

As the New York Jets head into the season, one of the interesting plot lines to watch is the use of Chris Ivory and Chris Johnson. The team has made clear that they will use a committee approach with the Dreaded Backfield, including Bilal Powell. However, running back coach Anthony Lynn has also said that the team will feed the hot hand.

There are pros and cons to both backs. Ivory is more of a bruising back that can wear down a defense and bust a big run. However, he's also a threat to get injured quickly if used too much. Johnson has a history as a starting back, but due to his age, will also wear down quickly if used too much.

It's therefore going to be tricky to maintain a good balance, as you don't want either to get injured or run down. For me personally, I would show a preference towards Ivory. I'd let him wear down a defense and use Johnson on third downs. Johnson has been fairly ineffective as of late as a feature back, while Ivory has shown promise, when he can stay healthy. If he can't, you bring in Powell and bring Daryl Richardson up from the practice squad.

What would you do?