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Stephen Hill: "NY Media Wanted Me Out of There"

Stephen Hill believes it was the New York media that eventually led to him being released by the Jets

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

When any player in the NFL loses his job on cut-down day, I feel bad for them, it should never be celebrated. However one thing I hate is under-performing players blaming everyone for their release and taking absolutely no responsibility for their actions. Stephen Hill believes his drops were overblown and it was the NY media that drove him out of town.

Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer had this pearl from Stephen, Hill has recently joined the Carolina Panthers practice squad:

"Hill said receivers ‘in other facilities' had more drops than he did. The New York media wanted me out of there."

I always pulled for Stephen but, come on man! In his first year in the NFL, Hill dropped 6  passes from 27 balls thrown his way which were deemed to be catchable. That is a drop rate of 22%, which contrary to Hill's beliefs represent the highest percentage of any wide receiver with that amount of targets in the league in 2012.

I remember an interview in 2013 where Hill completely denied the fact he'd dropped 6 passes, when presented with the statistics he flat out denied it and said he watched the games and he only counted three. Throughout his career he has never had any accountability, and like the old saying goes, the first step is admitting you have a problem, Hill will never rectify his dropping problem because he doesn't admit that he has one.

I wonder who he will blame when he starts dropping passes in Carolina, that's if he ever gets on the field.