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New York Jets: Seeking Consistency

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

In the National Football League, the talent gap between teams really isn't all that much. Every player was one of the best college players in the country and are truly the best of the best (except Eric Smith, but I digress). What makes the great teams great, and the bad teams bad? Consistency.

The bad teams continually shoot themselves in the foot with self-inflicted wounds and can't stay out of their own way. They may have periods of competency, but before the game or season is over, they'll have a lapse and screw something up. That's why anyone can win on Any Given Sunday; if a team can be consistent, no matter how poor their record, they have the talent to win.

Inconsistency has been the hallmark of Rex Ryan's tenure as the head coach of the New York Jets. I think he's a decent coach, but this has been the main thing holding him back from greatness. At a time when the AFC East is completely and totally up for grabs, the Jets need to be consistent if they want a shot at winning the division. The past three weeks, the team has hung in with three of the best teams in the league. Why did they lose all three games? They were inconsistent. There were periods they were able to get it together, but on the whole, they had enough lapses, and so they lost.

This is what the team needs to focus on, every snap of the ball. This will allow them to take the division.