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Jets Anti-Game Ball: Week 4

Ron Antonelli

One of these days the Jets will win another game, and we will be able to give out a game ball. Until then it is our sad duty to give out yet another anti-game ball after a loss.

It would be easy to give the anti-game ball to Geno Smith this week, but I did that last week. In the name of adding some variety I am going to give my anti-game ball to Eric Decker this week.

Decker did have a touchdown catch, but there were plays to be made in this game that he wasn't making. There must have been three passes for potential big gains that went through his hands. These plays were not necessarily easy, but Decker is the only receiver the Jets have capable of making those tough catches regularly. He is making the big bucks in part because the Jets need him to make those types of catches.

Eric Decker gets my anti-game ball. Who gets yours?