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Jets vs. Lions Final Score: Detroit Wins 24-17

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

I don't think anybody can blame that one on the officials.

The Jets lost their third straight game to NFC North competition today. New York fell to the Detroit Lions in the Meadowlands 24-17. Gang Green now finds itself 1-3.

The defense allowed big plays and could not get the big stop, but all eyes will be on Geno Smith. The quarterback who struggled so mightily Monday against the Bears melted down today. I think a potential quarterback change will be a major topic of discussion this week.

The Jets now have dug themselves into a deep hole. At 1-3 they will need to play .667 ball the rest of the way just to get to 9 wins, and that is far from a guarantee of the Playoffs. They also play 7 on the road against 5 at home.

Mourn below. I will attempt to have the official recap up before Sunday Night Football.