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Some People Inside The Jets Organization Are Unhappy With Idzik

it seems there is a little disharmony in the Jets organization as ESPN reports that there are some within the organization that are unhappy with the way the off-season was handled by new GM John Idzik

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I saw this article by ESPN a little earlier today and due to its vague nature, chose to ignore it. However as it is Adam Schefter reporting it, there is a good chance this has some bearing on the Jets and the organization behind closed doors.

We here on Gang Green Nation have questioned the lack of activity and forward planning of Idzik for a number of weeks now, however it seems that the Jets have some employees who are doing the same thing.

Schefter reports:

There's a disenchantment with some in the New York Jets organization at the lack of talent general manager John Idzik has acquired despite the means he had to improve the roster, according to team sources.

What bothers some in the organization, according to sources, are the holes the Jets left -- especially at cornerback, but also at wide receiver, pass rusher and in the return game.

It's really not surprising to hear this and we have no idea if this is the towel boy, the water boy or some of the more prominent figures within the Jets organization. You would imagine that it would be the latter as Schefter is reporting it, but who knows?

I will say that I was disappointed with our off-season activity and the inability to suitably fill the holes that were created under the previous regime. However I'm also not willing to throw Idzik under the bus and I'm willing to wait and see what he does in his third off-season.

As of today we are over $21 million under the cap and if Calvin Johnson does, what Calvin Johnson does today, then the focus will begin to intensify on Idzik.