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Jets vs. Lions 2014: Game Time, TV, and More

Gregory Shamus

Today FOX will show an early and a late game to each region as part of a Week 4 doubleheader while CBS will show a single game.

If you live in the New York area, you will see:

Lions at Jets early on FOX

Eagles at 49ers late on FOX

Jaguars at Chargers late on CBS

Today's 1:00 Eastern kickoff is on FOX because an NFC team, the Lions are on the road. If you are wondering why the relatively unappealing Jaguars-Chargers game is on CBS it is because the network cannot show an early game in New York. When a local team is playing at home, only that game may be shown in that timeslot. Jacksonville vs. San Diego is CBS' only late game today so New York gets it.

Most of the country is getting the Packers against the Bears. People getting the Jets include all of New York State, North and Central New Jersey, all of New England, a small slither of North Central Pennsylvania, the tip of Northwest Ohio, the Michigan lower peninsula, and the Western tip of the upper peninsula. To see whether you get the game, go to

The entire nation will see Saints at Cowboys tonight on NBC and Patriots at Chiefs tomorrow on ESPN.