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Eric Decker Injury Update: Planning To Play

Decker has become a vital part of the Jets offensive cog, and although he has yet to practice fully, he is planning to be out there on Sunday against the Lions

Alex Goodlett

Hamstrings can be very very tricky. The soreness you experience can really linger and they can become a nagging injury that you can't shake off. You'll play a little, make it worse, then be out months. Luckily, Eric Decker has been smart with his injury, removing himself 12 snaps into the Monday Night Football game against the Bears. He has hinted that he'll play this Sunday if he can and take part in practice today as long as there are no setbacks.

"I'm planning on getting out there," Decker said. "I can't promise anything, but obviously, I'm leaning on the positive side that I'm definitely going to be out there.

"For me, it's just kind of feeling it out, pushing it to the point where-I know my body well enough, where, OK, that's good pain, that's bad pain," he said. "Just being smart about it. But, I feel, overall, I feel we've done a good job with just progressing."

Losing Decker for the game against Detroit will be a painful hit to take for the Jets. Losing him for the season will all but end any chance of a play-off spot in my humble opinion. If he practices fully today and doesn't have any side affects tomorrow, I fully expect him to be out there on Sunday. However if he's not 100% for Sunday, I'd be willing to give him the day off to get back to full strength ahead of next weeks game.

Decker suggested that playing Monday didn't negatively affect the hamstring, but it's best not to push these things:

"Of course," he said. "I could have said that about [Monday night's game]. If I sat out, would it be better today? I don't know. But I do know that I wasn't going to push it past the point where I'm going to make it worse. When I woke up Tuesday morning, I didn't feel worse than I felt Monday after the Green Bay game. So I knew I was smart about it.

"I'm just going to gauge how I feel. If I can mentally get through the game, and feel OK, then I'm going to do that."