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CFB #6: Marshall, Abdullah, Collins, Peat

We're back with another college football watch-list. Last week we went all out on the cornerback position, this week we are mixing it up a little bit.

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All numbers quoted are from the 2014 season so far

Nick Marshall - Quarterback, Auburn, 384 yards, 55.4% completion, 3 touchdowns, 1 interception. 168 yards rushing, 2 touchdowns

I don't expect us to be drafting a quarterback, Geno is improving and I have every bit of faith that he'll come good. However the famous saying is you draft a quarterback every single year, so if we do, there are plenty of options. I really like Auburn's quarterback Nick Marshall, a duel-threat senior who has plenty in his locker room. He's still a little inconsistent with his timing and accuracy, but he is a danger to beat you through the air or with his feet. Some will persist that he is more a runner than a thrower and there is some truth to that but his mechanics have improved from 2013 and that is obvious for everyone to see. One thing you can say about Marshall is he knows how to win, he's a big of a comeback king when it comes to 4th quarter heroics. He won't be a first round talent, not by any means, however as a developmental type prospect, you could do a lot worse.

Ameer Abdullah - Running Back, Nebraska. 625 yards, 6.8 average, 5 touchdowns. 5 receptions, 108 yards, 2 touchdowns.

When you watch Ameer play you will be astounded that he's only 5'9 and under 200lb's. He plays with a lot of power, a lot of finesse and a lot of open field ability. He is on course to better last years production of 1690 yards and 9 touchdowns. He's already equaled as many receiving touchdowns this year as he had last year. He's really developing as a runner and he's showing maturity in his game. A lot of patience to find the open holes and he's a reliable target out of the backfield. He's another senior so he'll be entering the draft this year and although I doubt he's a first round selection, he should go in the second round. I really like Abdullah and think he could be a very shifty back in the NFL. If he continues to mature and continues to improve at the rate he is at the moment, he'll be a good player for years to come.

La'el Collins - Offensive Tackle, LSU

Here is a player that I really like. He has flaws in his game but nearly every single college prospect does. I've watched him closely this year and as a left tackle I'm impressed. His kick slide is good, he has elite strength and he has a long frame. If I were an NFL coach, I'd draft him high and then kick him inside to guard, because his strength is in his run blocking and his strength. His weakness is getting beat by speed rushers around the outside shoulder. So by moving him inside to guard you play to his strengths and you negate his weaknesses. Collins would have been a first or second round prospect this year had he decided to come out, next year he won't go lower than the second round. He's the third senior on this list and if you want to sure up the interior of your offensive line, this is a guy you want on your team. Next time you watch LSU, watch for their starting left tackle.

Andrus Peat - Offensive Tackle, Stanford

Here is my favorite college football tackle, he has the strength to clear lanes in the run game but his light feet, quick and mobile athleticism and excellent hand placement make him a sure fire first round prospect in my mind. He's only a Junior, so he may go back to school for his senior year, but this guy could be the best offensive tackle to come out of college football in the last decade. He's that good! I've heard him described as a once in a generation type prospect by his college coaches and by NFL scouts alike. He can get better, that's the scary aspect, but if he continues to develop and continues to work hard, he'll be something special. Fans don't seem to respect or appreciate his game yet, but when he does declare for the draft, I guarantee there will be a number of teams falling over themselves to select him.