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SB Nation: Power Ranking, New York Jets at #23

Well here we are, sitting at 1-2 on the season and facing a big test next week against the Lions.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The defeat against the Chicago Bears was a difficult one to take, maybe easier than last week, but that's not really saying anything is it.

I know that a lot of you guys hate power rankings and I don't blame you, but it's Tuesday and it's now tradition so here they are, the SB Nation power rankings from the guys at head office.

Head over to the link above to see the rankings in more detail. However they have the Jets at #23, which is down two from last weeks #21 position. I can't say as I have a problem with that, we're just above the Dolphins and just below the Browns and with the way Cleveland are playing right now, I think that's fair.

Seattle and Denver (both 2-1) still hold the reigns at the top with the 3-0 Bengals, Cardinals and Eagles coming in behind them. I do still think Seattle are the best team in the league and I do think that Denver with Peyton Manning are always going to be up there, but the Bengals deserve to be above Denver in my mind and in a few weeks I wouldn't be surprised to see them undefeated and top of the charts.

Tampa Bay, Jacksonville and Oakland (all 0-3) reside at the bottom and in my mind, Tampa Bay is the worst team in the NFL right now. They got blown out by the Falcons on Thursday Night Football and they look as though they've already given up. At least Jacksonville and Oakland are showing signs of life and direction, Tampa Bay is just in a sad state of affairs.

It's picking hairs, but I'd certainly have the Lions above the Patriots. I'm not sure if it is bias, but I think they are one of the worst 2-1 teams right now and they have a lot of problems. Other than that, this is not a bad job by Danny Kelly over at SB Nation HQ.

Head over and check out the rankings and then let me know what you think.