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Jets vs. Bears Final Score: Chicago Wins 27-19


The Jets fell to 1-2 tonight, losing to the Chicago Bears 27-19 at MetLife Stadium.

This is the kind of loss a team that misses the postseason by a game or two looks back on with regret. I'm sure much will be made of a few calls that didn't go the Jets' way and Marty Mornhinweg's situational playcalling. The bottom line for me is this game was here for the taking, and the Jets did not execute in key spots. You can start by looking at an offense that scored 19 points and gave the Bears 7. That's identical to what the Jets did against the Raiders. As many pointed out at the time, that type of output might have been good enough to beat an Oakland, but it wasn't good enough against a better opponent. Now the Jets have a really important game coming up against a Lions team that could be a tipping point for the season either good or bad.

Mourn below. The official recap will be up in a bit.