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Jets vs. Bears Second Half Thread

Alex Goodlett

The Jets trail the Bears 17-13 at halftime.

Given the way the game started for the Jets, that counts as something of a win. The Jets fell behind 14-0 quickly. The defense is starting to heat up, though, and Rex Ryan's blitzes are starting to overwhelm Chicago's protection.

Geno Smith has a gaudy stat line, but his offense put up a total of 6 net points. The Jets put up 13 on offense, but gave 7 away on a brutal pick six early in the game. Hopefully we see more of the positive from Geno in the second.

The normal rules apply. Obviously there is no need in an ESPN game to ask for or post a link of an illegal broadcast of the game over the internet, but we thank you for not doing these things anyway.

Enjoy the second half, and let's go Jets! I'm feeling a comeback in the works.