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It's Time To Free Jace Amaro

Marty Mornhinweg needs to unleash the team's second round draft pick.

Rich Schultz

Last season, in his final year at Texas Tech, Jace Amaro had 106 receptions for 1,352 receiving yards... as a tight end. After a rough offseason, in which he seemed over his head and was plagued by drops, Amaro had a good preseason. Since then, he's been essentially non-existent.

Amaro has only played 44 snaps in the past two weeks, a paltry 31% of all offensive snaps. Amaro has 3 receptions on 4 targets. By comparison, Jeff Cumberland has played 124 snaps, or 87% of the offensive snaps. In that time, Cumberland has just 5 receptions on 7 targets.

As we saw last week, the New York Jets struggled offensively when Eric Decker was out of the lineup. Without him, the wide receivers struggle to gain separation. As a result, it's time the team makes Amaro a bigger part of the game plan. Amaro has the size and experience at playing a "Joker"-type role, which means splitting him out wide, putting him in the slot, and moving him all over the formation. The name of the game is mismatches, and Amaro creates a lot of them.

With Decker currently questionable to play, the team will need to look elsewhere to find yards and score points. With the exception of Jeremy Kerley, the wide receivers aren't able to get it done. Tonight, the Jets need to free Amaro.