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Jets vs. Bears Game Day Forecast

Near perfect football weather under the lights at JetLife Stadium.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

It's the last day of summer, 2014 under the lights in JetLife Stadium.  The autumnal equinox will occur at 10:29 pm EDT tonight, likely sometime around the start of the third quarter of the game.   Let's hope the distraction of this celestial event does not cause the Jets to fall short.  We're going to see near perfect football weather Monday night in East Rutherford, NJ.  We'll have clear skies, very low humidity, and a near zero chance of precipitation.   Game time temperatures will be right around 60 at the 8:30 pm kickoff time.   Temperatures will dip as the game goes on, with the mid 50's likely by the time the game ends.  There will be a light northwest wind of around 10 MPH.  In short, the weather should not be a factor for either team in this game, and it should be a great night for football.

Enjoy the game everyone.  It's the second Jets home game of the year.  With any luck it will end with the second Jets win of the year.