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Geno Was Steaming After Packers Loss

One last note about the Packers game this weekend and then we'll dive straight into preparation for the Chicago Bears game on Monday. It seems as though Geno carried this loss a little longer than usual.

Christian Petersen

One of the best characteristics for Geno is his ability to not let anything faze him. We've heard it from numerous players close to the 2nd year quarterback, it's impossible to get under his skin. He doesn't get too high with a win or too low with a loss. However when speaking to the media after practice yesterday, he admitted the Packers loss hurt a little more than usual.

It took me [until] today's practice," the New York Jets' quarterback said Wednesday. "I was pissed off for about two days, so today's practice allowed me to flush it out of my system and just get back to playing football."

"That one just stuck around with me for a bit, We lost it. Anytime you lose -- I hate losing and that's really what happened. I'm pretty upset about it."

Now I'm not surprised this one lingered. I didn't feel over it until last night, so I can't imagine what a guy in the middle of the action felt. It was a heart-breaker, no doubt! You lose an 18 point lead, you have some dumb penalties, you have plays called back for mistakes, injuries to key players, under-performance and unit breakdown for a game changing interception. Communication was questioned, game management was questioned, offensive depth was questioned, defensive depth was questioned, it all adds up to a heavy burden, especially on a quarterback.

However hopefully he has really shrugged it off. The last thing we need is a hangover for the Bears. We're sitting pretty at 1-1 at the moment, it was the record I had us down for and only the Bills have a better record in the AFC East, so there is no reason to panic. Geno needs to shake that one off and come back stronger on Monday. Fortunately we have an extra day rest, so we can get players healthy, work through the problems we experienced and come back stronger.

Chin up Geno!