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Jets Looking To Create Balance On Offense

The players have got together with offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg about the ball distribution.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, John wrote an article about Geno's favorite targets after two games into the season. It seems as though the issue of relying on Eric Decker and Jeremy Kerley has been brought up in player discussions. However David Nelson reiterated several times that it was all positive, and all designed for the greater good going forward

:It's been brought up, I'll leave it at that -- not in a dysfunctional manner, though," Nelson said. "It was brought up to identify that we want to get more guys involved. I'm not singling myself out. It's not me complaining about not getting the ball. It was just, as an offense, we're identifying we want to get the ball to more guys. Hopefully, we can do that, moving forward.

"A lot of it has to do with us trying to find out identity, trying to fit the pieces," he added. "In the preseason, you're trying to see what guys can do. With Eric and Jace (Amaro), there are a lot of new additions. The coaches want to see what the flow is and what guys can do. I think you'll start to see it be more fluid."

Two games into the season, only Decker and Kerley have 10 targets or more. David Nelson who is a starter has registered just two targets, and caught both of them. Is it a case of players not getting open? or is it psychological dependance from Geno Smith? After all, Decker is the best receiver on this roster, by a country mile. So it's logical to want to get the ball in his hands, however to be a successful team you need to have several targets.  You need to show defenses in preparation that they need to scheme for several different players.

"We're having healthy conversations," he said. "There's no panic, there's no frustration. It's just that guys are competitors. They want the ball, they want to show what they can do. At the end of the day, it's about winning."

Again it's all very positive. So don't misconstrue this as dysfunction or player protest. The players know what they need to do to be successful and I'm sure they are all aware that over the course of a season, Decker will get the most targets, as he should as the number one receiver on this roster. However they are also aware that to help Geno and to help Decker, they need to get more players involved in the offense.

The Jets drafted Jace Amaro to be a game-changer from the tight end position. A big athletic tight end, capable of catching the ball on short, intermediate and deep routes. So far he has been targeted just 5 times, catching 3. However it's been for just 13 yards. His yards ran per route average out at 0.5 yards, so we haven't really seen Jace stretch his legs yet. However Geno doesn't see this as anything to worry about.

"His time will come," Smith said of Amaro. "He's got to stay patient within the offense, we all do. It's early. Everyone wants to make plays, everyone wants to be the guy who's sparking the offense, but we've got to depend on one another and continue to do that."