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New York Jets Power Ranking: SB Nation

Love them or hate them, it's something to read on a Tuesday, so here they are!

Christian Petersen

SB Nation are back with their Tuesday Power Rankings and despite the Jets taking a heart-breaking defeat in Green Bay, they only dropped us to #21, down one place on last weeks rankings. Now personally I think that's extremely fair and makes a lot of sense. We went into a hostile environment and pushed one of the better teams all the way, we can be negative about how the loss played out, but there were plenty of positives as well.

If you want to read the full article, just click HERE

The Bengals were one of the big movers as they climbed from #7 to #3 and deservedly so. They are 2-0 and they look good on both sides of the ball, and they took home their recent victory without the help of A.J Green, one of the finest receivers in football.

Buffalo climbed from #24 to #13 and I really think they deserve that. They beat the Bears in week one and then went and beat the Dolphins as well, remember how good the Dolphins looked on the defensive side of the football last week, well Buffalo's offensive line allowed 0 sacks. Add to that they are getting fantastic receiver play from their new man Watkins and the loss of Byrd is barely being felt, and they are ones to watch. Oh and they have this guy named C.J Spiller who is just a game-breaker.

New Orleans fell from #6 to #16 and that's not surprising at all, they have a superb offense but they don't feed the hot hand enough, Ingram should have been given the ball a lot more this week with the way he was running. Their defense looks poor and Rob Ryan is going to want to sort that out, or he may be looking for another job very shortly.

Oakland are pinned to the bottom and that's not surprising, they got completely outplayed for the second week in a row. Although James Jones looked extremely good and I still persist he would have been a superb addition to this team, even more so now if Decker is injured.