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Rookie Performances Of The Week: Week 2

Every Tuesday, we are going to take a look at the best rookie performances of the week. Who's lighting it up in year one, and this week we had a couple.

Ezra Shaw

Firs t of all I'm going to give a couple of notable mentions to Terrance West who had his first NFL TD over in Cleveland for the Browns and Silas Redd who came in and notched his first TD against the poor Jacksonville Jaguars for the Washington Redskins. In the same game, Rookie Telvin Smith notched his first career NFL sack for the Jags. E.J Gaines a 6th round pick for the St Louis Rams looked decent this weekend and notched 0.5 of a sack as well as leading the team in tackles.

As always, I can't spot every single contribution by a rookie, so if you feel someone deserves a little credit, pop their name in the comments below.

Sammy Watkins - Buffalo Bills, First Round, 8 receptions, 117 yards, 1 TD

This is exactly what the Bills thought they were getting when they made the trade to move up and snag Watkins. He is a fantastic player with electric play-making ability and he showed that with his first 100 yard performance, needless to say it won't be his last. He scored on a 12 yard touchdown run and E.J Manuel is starting to really connect with him. I believe I read that E.J Manuel had a 100% completion percentage off play action and a lot of that had to do with Watkins, his speed and his ability to burst out of his cuts. I think Watkins can be a very special player in this league, and we may have seen on Sunday the start of the potential.It's interesting to note that one week after terrorizing the New England offensive line, the Miami defense was unable to register a single sack on E.J Manuel.

Jeremy Hill - Cincinnati Bengals, Second Round, 15 attempts, 74 yards, 1 TD. 2 receptions, 22 yards.

I don't envy any defense trying to figure out how to stop the one-two punch of Hill and Benard. Both players can work in space, both players can explode through the gap and both players are very difficult to bring down. Hill has a ton of talent and working as a compliment to Bernard will really help him. I was really impressed with the vision he showed on Sunday and he seems to know that patience can be as dangerous as burst when it comes to running the football. It looks as though he and Bernard will be the 1-2 punch going forward and I expect him to have plentyof success running the ball behind that offensive line.

Kyle Fuller - Chicago Bears, First Round, 6 tackles, 2 interceptions

So far he has given up 16 yards after the catch and 0 touchdowns. He's allowed 4 completions and 67 yards over two games and come away with two interceptions in a vital win over the San Francisco 49'ers. He was a top 15 pick, so he should be performing, but like we always sy here at GGN. It's really difficult to transition to the NFL immedaitely at the CB position, however Fuller is doing a great job. I've seen him beaten a couple of times this season, but his sound tackling prevents plays from turning into big plays. Bears fans must be delighted with the production so far from their number one selection and we're all going to get a chance to see him close up this weekend.