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Jets vs. Packers: Cornerback Play by the Numbers

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Let's take a look at how the Jets' cornerbacks did statistically in coverage. Obviously stats like this have their limit. Some assignments are much tougher than others both in terms of opposing receiver and the responsibilities on a given play. Still, this can start the discussion of how corners played.

Four cornerbacks saw action. Here is how they fared. Numbers are taken from Pro Football Focus. For some of these stats I further crunched numbers PFF produced.

Player Completions Against Targets Against Completion % Yards Allowed TD Allowed Yards per Target Snaps in Coverage Yards per snap in coverage
Dee Milliner 5 8 62.5 136 1 17 31 4.3
Antonio Allen 5 9 55.5 75 0 8.3 44 1.7
Darrin Walls 4 7 57.1 45 0 6.4 29 1.5
Kyle Wilson 4 4 100 40 1 10 17 2.3

So there you have it. I am a bit surprised with Walls. I thought he was beaten for more often than these numbers would indicate. I'll definitely want to keep an eye on him during my second viewing to see whether I was too hard on him or whether maybe the numbers are off.

Your thoughts?