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New York Jets Reveal Multiple Substitution Problems

One of the most interesting quotes from Rex Ryan today, related to the fact the Jets played a defensive and offensive snap yesterday with only 10 men on the field.

Christian Petersen

One of the most basic rules of football, there are 11 men on defense and 11 men on offense. Well if you're the New York Jets, you don't play by the rules and that includes how many men are on the field.

A day after having an interception nullified by having 12 men on the field, Rex Ryan admitted that the Jets actually played an offensive and defensive snap with only 10 men on the field. The interception that wasn't could have changed the game for the Jets and having mix-ups in your personnel grouping is always quite embarrassing in my opinion. It shows a complete lack of understanding and communication on the sideline. Something no team wants, especially a team with play-off aspirations.

However that's not all, apparently we played a couple of snaps with a man down:

It just so happens that the play where the Jets only had 10 offensive players on the field was the 37 yard option play to Kerley. Now hilarity aside, as one of our best offensive plays came with a man down, how does this happen? We need to do a better job getting the right personnel groups on the field. We need to spend time during the week, hammering home which players are in on which play calls and ensuring the substitutions happen quickly and efficiently.

Do I find it funny that one of our best plays came when we only had 10 men on the field? Absolutely! However am I worried about the lack of organization and communication on the sideline? You bet I am, and if this kind of penalty costs us a game going forward, Rex has to answer for it. Plain and simple!