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Jets Anti-Game Ball

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Christian Petersen

When the Jets won in the first week of the season, we gave out a game ball here on GGN. Since they lost yesterday, we will give out the opposite. Hopefully we can come up with something catchier in the future than anti-game ball, but let's go with that for today.

Yesterday's loss was a team effort. There were lots of players who contributed to the collapse.

I think I'm giving my anti-game ball to Zach Sudfeld. He made no impact, and the biggest play on which he made no impact turned the game around. Geno Smith's interception was probably the biggest turning point. Geno really didn't bear much of the responsibility for it, though. He was hit as he threw it because Brian Winters blew a block.

Then with the ball in the air Sudfeld had a chance to make a play. At the very least, he could have knocked it down. Maybe he could have even caught it. He did neither, and the Packers marched the ball right down the field before the block.

There are other candidates. Muhammad Wilkerson lost his cool and got ejected. That happened after the Jets lost the lead. Winters blew the block that led to the pick. I can forgive a missed block more easily than a 6'7" guy not even contesting a jump ball.

I think Sudfeld unfortunately earned the anti-game ball for this week. Agree? Disagree?

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