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Dee Milliner Didn't Think He Was Moving Well

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Dee Milliner returned yesterday from a high ankle sprain, but his postgame comments indicate he might not have been all that healthy.

This kind of raises the question of why he was out there. The Jets certainly would be wise to let an injury to such an important player heal rather than risking it lingering. While a player's willingness to play through pain is a good thing, sometimes the team needs to step in when that injured player is doing more harm than good.

The Jets had Antonio Cromartie play through an injury last season, and it didn't seem to help matters.

One cannot help but wonder whether both Cromartie playing last year and Milliner playing yesterday say something about the coaching staff's views on the Jets' cornerback depth. Would Milliner have been run out there if the coaches were happy with the options? It's food for thought.