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Helmet Stickers : NY Jets 24-31 Green Bay Packers (Week Two)

The Jets fall to 1-1 and I don't blame anyone for being disappointed with that second half performance.

Christian Petersen

Football is a really funny thing, I had penciled this game in for a loss, so logically I was expecting it. However I am devastated this morning to be 1-1. Green Bay were there for the taking, we had the perfect opportunity to gain the respect of the league and up until the Geno Smith interception before half time, it looked as though we were going to do that. There are a number of reasons why we lost this game, the officials aren't one of them. The time-out that Marty called would usually work, it's just bad luck that we unfortunately scored on the play that was nullified by the time-out. If Marty saw something he didn't like, he should absolutely call a time-out every single time.

There were some really poor performances in the game, but there were some bright spots as well. I'm going to try and do my best to stay positive with these stars, however I can't help but be completely disappointed with the performance and the way we completely collapsed in that second half.

I really thought that the Packers made some good adjustments during that game. We were getting pressure early and causing the offensive line all kinds of problems. So they changed their plan a little, they left more people in, had tight ends and RB's chip players on the way through and started getting the ball out of Rodgers hands a lot quicker, when the ball is coming out in 2 seconds or less, not many teams will be able to get to the QB.

Defensively I thought we looked good on the ground again, but I do think it showed our complete lack of a #1 corner, anytime a player goes for over 200 yards, you know the secondary hasn't had a great game. I thought Walls was poor, Pryor was poor, Landry was poor and Allen looked a little out of his depth, oh and I can't believe Milliner is 100% fit, he probably shouldn't have been out there.

So I'm going to dive straight into the stars, and I'm sure you will disagree with me, but I always welcome your thoughts, so leave them below:

Third Star: Geno Smith, 16/32 for 176 yards, 1 Touchdown, 1 Interception. 7 Rushes for 26 yards 1 Touchdown

There was a lot to like about Geno's game last night. He made his mistakes as I expect him to, but I thought he looked decent. First of all on the interception, it's not all on him but he does have to take responsibility for a portion of it. Horrible blocking up front and Sudfeld should have done more to break up that play. However I think a seasoned QB there would understand the game situation, the clock, understand that the pressure was coming and just tuck that ball and take the sack. If you have Decker out there 1-on-1 then it's more understandable to take the chance, but when you know you have your 3rd string tight end out there, just tuck the ball and allow the game block to keep going, we were in control, no need to take the risk. However that interception was on a number of people, not just Geno.

His touchdown throw to Decker was absolutely on point, a beautifully placed ball that shows us he can make all the throws. He showed arm strength, pocket awareness and touch to get that ball into Deckers stride. it shows a lot of growth from the young signal caller and I am delighted to see the progress he is making. In only his 2nd year, he is showing some fantastic signs of development and maturity. We should all be happy with the way he is going. His touchdown run was very clean as well, it's always handy to have a player who can use his legs. Everything about that play made it appear we were going straight up the gut, and luckily we could just walk it in. Promising performance from Geno but the interception, a few missed targets here and there mean he's down here at the third star range.

Second Star: Eric Decker, 4 receptions, 63 yards and 1 Touchdown

I will be glued to the press conference today in hope that he is not out for a prolonged period of time. Without him our offense looks extremely light and I think it showed what happens when you lose your #1 receiver when we failed to consistently move the football. He runs some fantastic routes and his technical ability is up there with the best receivers in the league. His touchdown was a good route to beat the corner and had Geno been a little more accurate he would have had a massive touchdown when he turned Ha-Ha Clinton Dix and was streaking to the end zone. Had Geno of hit him in stride, he ends this game with around 130 yards and 2 touchdowns. He's a willing blocker, a good route runner and his hands look fantastic. Lets all hope he's not out for too long because without him, I really fear for our team and Geno Smith's development.

First Star: Demario Davis, 6 tackles, 2 sacks

It seems strange to give the first star to a defensive player when we allow 31 points. However I think he did a fantastic job yesterday. I was paying quite close attention to him as I've been very outspoken in how good I think he'll be this year and he was the best defender on the field. His coverage has come on leaps and bounds and the 2 sacks were extremely positive. One on a routine blitz and one on a play where he rushed the passer because he diagnosed the play and realised he had the chance to make a play for his team. Not only did he have the two sacks, but he had a couple of nice plays at the line, he constantly occupies blockers to allow others to make tackles and on a couple of occasions he manages to chase Rodgers down and force him to throw the ball away. That extra little bit of pace really goes a long way in the linebacking unit and I think he has done a fantastic job. It's a shame we had to come out with a loss, but there was plenty to like.

Week Week 1 Week 2
First Star Chris Ivory Demario Davis
Second Star Antonio Allen Eric Decker
Third Star Chris Johnson Geno Smith

So there we go, we are two weeks in and we have six different players. I'm not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing to be completely honest.

First Star: 10 points

Second Star: 5 Points

Third Star: 2 Points

Player Total Points
Chris Ivory 10
Demario Davis 10
Eric Decker 5
Antonio Allen 5
Geno Smith 2
Chris Johnson 2