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Flag On The Play: New York Jets Control The Yellow

For the most part, the Jets did a good job with not giving away needless yards. Obviously there are a couple of big exceptions, Wilkerson being the main culprit and the 12 men on the field that nullified the interception killed us.

Christian Petersen

We should be used to losing games, but there is something about that loss that just doesn't sit well. Probably because we beat ourselves as much as Green Bay did. We constantly put ourselves in poor situations, and a few very poor decisions cost us the game in the end.

15 - Saalim Hakim - Illegal Block Above The Waist - 10 yards

97 - Calvin Pace - Neutral Zone Infraction - 5 Yards

39 - Antonio Allen - Pass Interference - 27 Yards

58 - Jason Babin - Personal Foul - 15 Yards

4 - Ryan Quigley - Delay of Game - 5 Yards

96 - Muhammad Wilkerson - Unsportsmanlike Conduct - 15 Yards

91 - Sheldon Richardson - Unsportsmanlike Conduct - 15 Yards (Declined)

67 - Brian Winters - Offensive Holding - 10 Yards

Jets - 12 Men on the Field - 5 Yards

Player Penalties Yards Cost Total
Antonio Allen 2 (1D) 37
Willie Colon 3 30
Sheldon Richardson 2 (1D) 25
Calvin Pace 2 20
Eric Decker 2 19
Darrin Walls 1 16
Muhammad Wilkerson
1 15
Jason Babin
1 15
Brian Winters 1 10
D'Brickashaw Ferguson
1 10
Demario Davis 1 5
Ryan Quigley 1 5
Saalim Hakim 1 5
Breno Giacomini 1 5
Jets Team 1 5

That wasn't so bad tonight. Against a pass offense that gets the ball out quickly, I expected to see a few more illegal contact and pass interference calls. As always I think a couple of them were pretty harsh. The major one on Allen I would probably say was pass interference, he didn't get his head turned until his hands were already in the face of the receiver. Winters could have been called for a few more holds from what I saw, and he was lucky to get away with just the one.

Officially the Jets were called for 7 penalties, that's 4 less than last week, for 82 yards. However they did have a couple of penalties declined and we count them all, regardless of whether they were enforced or not. I still think we're playing sloppy football and need to really clean it up if we want to be in post-season play.

On a side note, it's good to see Willie Colon avoid any further penalties after a terrible first week. I can't explain how disappointed I am with Mo, we were struggling to get pressure on Rodgers to start the second half, and then when he went out, we didn't really stand a chance.