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Jets Collapse in Lambeau

Christian Petersen

Let me start out by saying this. Do not even try to tell me the Jets lost this game because of the officiating. Yes, maybe by the letter of the law, a timeout should not have been granted. Never in a million years will an official with his eyes on the field and 80 thousand people screaming differentiate Marty Mornhinweg's voice from Rex Ryan's. If they hadn't granted the timeout, and the Jets took a sack people would be furious that the timeout wasn't granted. And at best Mornhinweg was desperately trying to get Rex to call that timeout. If you're going to blame anybody, blame Marty. You can't have a timeout granted unless somebody is calling for one.

Even if you incorrectly choose to blame the officiating, the officials didn't blow an 18 point lead.  The officials didn't waste all three of their second half timeouts. The officials didn't stop getting to the quarterback and start leaking in the secondary. The officials didn't put up 3 points in the second half. The Jets did. The officials also didn't force the best player on the team to throw a punch and get himself ejected from the game (and then revel in it after the fact). Muhammad Wilkerson did.

Mourn below. The official recap will be up later.