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Jets @ Packers Game Day Forecast

Partly cloudy, crisp and dry. Perfect football weather.

Ed Mulholland

It's still summer, but it's going to feel like fall in Green Bay Wisconsin today.  It's going to be partly cloudy, dry and crisp on Sunday.  Game time temperatures will be in the low 60's at kickoff time, with low humidity and little chance for precipitation; a perfect day for football in Green Bay.  The 4:25 start will mean temperatures will dip as the game goes on, with the mid 50's likely by the time the game ends.  There is a near 0% chance of showers, with a southwest wind of 10-15 MPH and partly cloudy skies expected.  In short, the weather should not be a factor for either team in this game, and it should be a great day for football.

Enjoy the game everyone.  It's the first Jets road game of the year.  With any luck it will end with the second Jets win of the year.