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Injuries Present Rare Opportunity Against Green Bay Packers

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

At full strength, the Green Bay Packers are a better team than the New York Jets. I don't think there are many people who would dispute that fact. However, the Packers will not be at full strength this weekend, and as a result, the Jets have a unique opportunity to beat them.

While it appears that Packers RB Eddie Lacy will play, ILB Brad Jones has been declared out. Furthermore, stud NT B.J. Raji tore his biceps a few weeks ago, and is out for the season. Lastly, RT Bryan Bulaga is questionable to play, with a decision likely to be made tomorrow.

As a result, the Jets have an opportunity to win the game in the trenches. With Jones and Raji out, the Packers are susceptible to the running game, which plays into the strengths of the Jets, who currently lead the league in rushing. With Bulaga questionable, the Jets will either be playing against a sore/injured starter in Bulaga, or human turnstile in Derek Sherrod. Either way, the matchup trends toward the Jets' defensive line.

To be clear, the Packers are still likely a better team than the Jets, for at least as long as they have Aaron Rodgers at the helm. However, on this particular Sunday, the Jets have a chance to exploit their opponents' weakness and leave Lambeau Field with a record of 2-0.