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Michael Vick Still Has a Role, Despite Week One Production

I saw an interesting article this morning from Rich Cimini at ESPN, claiming that the Jets needed to stop using trick plays with Vick.

Ed Mulholland

One of the main arguments about using a second quarterback in any competitive game is that it will disrupt the starter. While there may be some merit to that, I think a good QB can sit out one play and then come back and still have a firm grasp of the offense and the current drive.

The subject was Michael Vick -- specifically, his small, puzzling and unsuccessful role in last week's win. Marty Mornhinweg tried to diffuse a pointed question with humor.

"You didn't like that?" the New York Jets' offensive coordinator asked a reporter Thursday, feigning incredulity.

No, there wasn't much to like.

I really disagree here. People look to the Tebow experiment as the main case study for the negativity surrounding the plays. I don't think it should be a big part of the game, but when you have an athlete like Michael Vick, then that opens up a World of opportunity.

Had Vick been more accurate with his throw, and usually he is, Decker would have had an easy touchdown. When Vick swings around and takes the ball you instantly have to respect his arm and his leg. If you see CJ in the backfield, you're expecting a little wildcat (or whatever it's called with CJ), then when it's pitched to Vick, you're whole defensive philosophy changes for that specific play.

Had he have found Decker in the endzone for that score, I think we are all raving about the new wrinkle in our offense. One bad play a system does not make. I fully expect us to keep running certain trick plays with Vick and while it may only be 2-3 plays a game (I agree with that), it will be successful at some point this season. We could see him as a runner, a receiver and a QB in a similar mold to how Brad Smith was used several years ago.

I saw a lot I liked about the play that resulted in an incomplete pass, mainly the way the defense looked clueless as to how to defend it. I'll leave this article in the words of our offensive coordinator Marty:

"There are some great positives of utilizing a man like Mike Vick because he's so skilled, and it creates some things for you certainly during a game and in the future," he said. "That's all I'm going to say about the thought process."