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Five Questions With Green Bay's Acme Packing Company

This weekend we head to the famous Lambeau Field to take on the 0-1 Packers. Jason Hirschhorn of Acme Packing Company was kind enough to answer a few questions I had.

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Make sure you head over to Acme Packing Company to read my responses to 5 Jet questions. Also reading the other SB Nation blog is a great way to get all the information you need about the upcoming game. So head on over as Jason, Evan Tex and the rest of the gang do a superb job covering the Packers.

1) The Packers obviously have one of the best QB's in the league, however once Bulaga went down with an injury on opening night their offensive line really started to struggle. Will he play this week and if not, how will the team game plan to combat the Jets defensive line that is an extremely athletic and physical unit?

Bryan Bulaga practiced Thursday, leaving open the door for a Week 2 return. However, head coach Mike McCarthy said Bulaga isn't yet ready for team drills, which suggests the medical staff may elect to give him a week off to ensure a healthy return. In all likelihood, we won't know until Sunday. If he can't go, Derek Sherrod will make the start at right tackle.

Aaron Rodgers' underwhelming Week 1 performance wasn't solely the result of the offensive line, but losing Bulaga and running with Sherrod at right tackle opened up the floodgates and made win nearly impossible. Sherrod's struggles on fast tracks such as the one at CenturyLink Field are nothing new. During the Packers' preseason game at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis, Sherrod gave up a sack, a hit on the quarterback, and picked up a penalty against the Rams speedier edge rushers. However, in the mucky conditions of Tennessee or the more traditional grass of Lambeau Field, he held his own for the most part. By no means is Sherrod a reliable offensive tackle, but in the right conditions a good offense can work around him.

Against the Jets, whose best defenders are their five techs, Sherrod should stand a better chance simply because he doesn't have to slide to the edge. The Packers may also throw a tight end and/or running back to assist if Sherrod has trouble handling New York's stellar defensive linemen.

2) I saw that Lacy was in full pads today. Do you expect him to be 100% this weekend? And what does he bring to the offense when he's there, and what do the Packers miss when he's not?

Eddie Lacy received full clearance for the concussion he suffered during the team's loss to Seattle. That would suggest he's 100% recovered, but whether the NFL's concussion protocol actually prevents premature returns is a matter of legitimate debate. Lacy's physically fine, however, so barring a recurrence of the concussion or a new injury there shouldn't be any obvious issues.

When Lacy plays, opposing defenses often drop into a single-high-safety look. That's a dangerous move with Aaron Rodgers under center. If the Jets try that on Sunday, expect several big completions from Rodgers to his cavalcade of talented pass catchers.

3) Missed tackles were a major issue for Green Bay against Seattle, I believe I read Green Bay had 18 on the evening which is an astronomical number. Is this a one-off or is this an issue with the personnel?

Missed tackles have been a sore spot for the Packers defense since 2010, their most recent championship season. The issue reared its ugly head against the Seahawks multiple times. It was particularly apparent with inside linebacker Brad Jones, who missed three. While more missed tackles should be expected when Green Bay takes on the Jets, it's hard to envision quite as many blown tackles as last week.

4. If you were game planning against the Packers, how would you attack them on offense? On defense?

When the Packers are on offense, the move is to attack their right tackle. Even if Bryan Bulaga plays, he may have issues bending on that strained left knee. If it's Derek Sherrod, trying to test the edge might yield a big play.

Defensively, teams are going to attack those A and B gaps until the Packers prove they can defend them. B.J. Raji's absence proved devastating in their season opener, and while that game saw Green Bay play a fair amount of their 4-3 look, the hole in the middle of the defense is likely to still be there in their base 3-4.

5. Finally, it's prediction time. Who wins on Sunday and why?

It's hard to see the Packers dropping this game against the Jets. While New York could cause plenty of issues with their stellar defensive ends Muhammad Wilkerson and Sheldon Richardson, but the Packers offensive is too versatile and explosive to expect them not to put points on the board against an underwhelming secondary. The 8.5-point spread is a little much considering the improvement of the Jets' offense, but Green Bay should take home the W.