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Jets Playbook: The Decker Difference

Ed Mulholland

Having a receiver capable of drawing coverage seems like a foreign concept for the Jets. They haven't had one in a few years. While the receiving corps overall probably does leave something to be desired, the respect a legitimate receiver like Decker commands already is opening things up a bit.

This is a 3rd and 7 play that resulted in a 19 yard completion.


The action here is on the right side of the field. Decker is running a deep route here. Because of the defense Oakland called and the respect Decker commands, he is able to run two defenders out of the play.

This creates a two on one with Tommy Bohanon running a short route, and Jeremy Kerley deeper. If the short defender doesn't drop, Geno is going to have an easy completion. If he doesn't, Geno can dump to Bohanon who can run for the first down.

While Decker is running two guys off, the underneath defender commits to Bohanon, not even realizing Kerley is open deeper.


Now I get the impression the initial outside corner might be supposed to release Decker. He also doesn't nottice Kerley until it is too late. It does suggest to me that the Raiders made a point of not wanting Decker to beat them, though. The focus was solely on Decker here in the initial coverage.

There are some other good things happening on the play. Part of the success is due to the design putting pressure on and tricking the defense to be certain.

It's just really nice to have a receiver who actually commands a little bit of respect.