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Today marks the 13th anniversary of the tragedies in New York, Washington, and Somerset County on the morning of September 11, 2001.

Just seeing that is difficult to believe. It doesn't seem possible that 13 years have passed.

I think I speak for everybody here, both staff and readers, when I say our hearts go out to the victims, the heroes, and those who lost loved ones on that terrible day. You are in our thoughts.

Insignificant though these games are, this is a football site so we will have posts today about last week's game against the Raiders and this Sunday's upcoming game against the Packers. Know that our minds are on the victims and their loved ones all days but especially today.

I ask that you please keep a respectful tone on GGN in this thread. We are here to remember those lost and those left behind.

If there are any  finecharities dear to your heart, please feel free to provide a link to their website.