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Jets vs. Packers: How Quick Is Your Release?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

When looking at the matchups between the Jets and Packers, it seems like the Jets defensive line is going to have an edge. Yesterday we discussed one area the Jets can potentially exploit with Jason Babin. How can Green Bay counter?

My guess is the Packers will look to get the ball out quickly on passing plays. One way to combat a good pass rush is to throw a pass before the defensive line can possibly get there. Aaron Rodgers is one of the best in the game at getting rid of the ball in a timely fashion.

The back end of the Jets defense was not tested against Oakland. It will be against Green Bay. I see the Packers spreading the field and forcing New York to employ extra defensive backs. The Packers are going to look to create favorable matchups against a cornerback corps that lacks depth.

A quick rewatching of Antonio Allen's performance against Oakland shows me the challenge the Jets might face in this one. It isn't that Allen played poorly against the Raiders. He played quite well all things considered. It did seem like the Jets' coaching staff did a lot to protect him, though. There was lots of off coverage and help provided in zones. The Jets seemed reluctant to trust Allen. This is hardly a surprise given his inexperience at corner.

Allen did seem to look uncomfortable in his new surroundings. When the Raiders threw a quick pass in front of him, his linebacker/safety instincts took over, and he went after the ball carrier.

There were a couple of opportunities Oakland left on the table, though.

There were ample routes like slants and comebacks routes available given the soft coverage.




Rodgers could complete a timing pass to Jordy Nelson in his sleep.



Green Bay also has a player in Randall Cobb who is very explosive with the ball in his hands.

This only begins to describe the challenges this Green Bay offense presents the Jets. The Packers are likely to move their receivers around to try and get their playmakers matched against some of the weaker Jets cornerbacks. The Jets also can't use too many resources trying to double these guys. While I was not in the Oakland huddle, it seems likely the Raiders looked to simplify his reads. Rodgers can see the entire field and all five options. He is trained to find the open spot.

This offense is going to put a lot of stress on the secondary. Given the presumed advantage the Jets will have up front, the back of the defense might not have to hold for long, but at least the initial coverage will need to stand up to give the pass rushers enough time to get there.