I found out when I'll be leading the Jets Chant!

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The NY Jets just informed me I'll be the Chant Leader against the Steelers, November 9th.

I would like to thank everybody on GGN for all the support. I'm still shocked that I've been blessed with this amazing opportunity. This is going to be a dream come true!

Steelers fans always travel really well, so I've been reaching out to everyone I can to try and get them to go to this game, to keep our home field advantage strong!

If you'd like to try to get tickets near where I sit, I'll be in section 103, row 33.

Also if you'd like to come to our tailgate, it's in the first parking lot, directly in front of the Pepsi Gate. Look for the American Flag waving, as well as the Irish Flag with a Jets logo (courteously of Tinley)... I'm going to bring some extra food to that game, so feel free to come and grab something to eat. If you'd like to bring something, awesome, but don't feel obligated to..Any and everyone is welcome!

Thanks again GGN!





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