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New York Jets: #20 in SB Nation Power Ranking

I'm not a massive fan of power rankings, but as it's a network post, I'm going to take a look.

Jeff Zelevansky

People love power rankings, but in reality they mean very little. For the large part they are produced by individuals, and if you can get through 16 games a week (by Tuesday) you are a machine. In short you can't. So the power rankings are produced on recaps, basic results and stats, and little else. Unless you are top of the pile, your ranking is largely based on guess work. It doesn't take much to put Seattle and Denver at the top of the power ranking, you take two Superbowl Champions, then give them an opening day win and there you go.

However we're here to talk Jets football, so lets look at what SB Nation's Danny Kelly had to say. It's worth noting the Jets were #23 in the pre-season SB Nation ranking, so we have climbed three spaces:

The Jets didn't make it look easy, but they grabbed a win against the Raiders at home in the Week 1 opener. New York's defensive front looked dominant while holding Oakland to 1.7 yards per carry on 15 attempts, and the pass defense wasn't terrible either, limiting rookie QB Derek Carr to 151 yards passing on 32 attempts -- 4.7 YPA. Geno Smith held on to the ball to take a sack a few too many times but otherwise played with some efficiency, and the Jets absolutely pounded the rock on the ground with their two-headed running back monster of Chris Johnson and Chris Ivory. With 212 yards rushing at 6.2 YPA and a suffocating defensive line, that's a solid formula for the Jets that could help see them steadily move up these rankings this year.

Is that a fair assessment, I would say so. We didn't make it look easy but we did have the dominant defensive line and the ability to run the ball. Geno was good but not great. Like I said, I don't put any stock into power rankings, but It's always interesting to hear other people's views on the team.

The Patriots are still in the top 10, and while it was just one loss, on the road to a divisional rival. I thought they looked terrible on both sides of the football. They fell 4 places, but had the full game been watched I imagine they would have fallen significantly further. The Patriots conquerors, the Miami Dolphins are 11 spots lower than the Patriots at #21. I'm a little worried about Miami, their run game, offensive line and defensive front 7 looked superb.

Completing the AFC East, we have the Bills down there at 24, they climbed 7 spots thanks to a OT win in Chicago. I'm still not sold on Buffalo, in any aspects of their game but we'll see this weekend as they take on the Dolphins.