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Jets vs. Packers: Paging Mr. Babin

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

If Packers right tackle Bryan Bulaga is unable to play Sunday the Jets will be presented with a potentially favorable matchup. Derrick Sherrod, Bulaga's backup, finished Green Bay's opener after the starter left the game with an injury. The results were not very good. Sherrod's struggles were highlighted by but not limited to a pair of sacks allowed.

Both sacks Sherrod allowed started against a defensive end lined up on the far outside around the nine technique. Both times he was beaten to the outside.





Where am I going with this?

Jason Babin was a bit of a late bloomer in the NFL before he found his niche. That niche was lining up wide on the outside, and speed rushing to the outside of tackles. This is the kind of matchup the Jets might look to create. It could be quite favorable. What Babin does well is what Sherrod struggled with last week.

Now let's not oversimplify things. The Packers are going to cook up a few ways to try and counter what the Jets will do. The Jets are also going to vary their looks. Sherrod is a guy they won't just want to target with Babin. They'll look to exploit him with some of their blitz looks.

Babin might get some extra playing time this week, though, particularly lined up against Green Bay's right tackle. This is a matchup to exploit.

And if Bulaga does play, he will be playing through an MCL injury. The Jets still are going to look to test him.