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Jets vs. Packers: Green Bay's John B Ratio

Jonathan Daniel

The John B ratio measures the rate of run plays a team runs versus pass plays when a given running back, wide receiver, or tight end is in the game. It is an attempt to paint a broad picture of what players are featured in what personnel groups. I created it last season. Since I had never heard of anybody else coming up with it before, I decided to name this after myself.

Don't like it? You should have thought of it first. Then you could have named it after anybody you wanted.

Below are John B Ratios for the Packers at this early point in the season. All stats are calculated by hand crunching data from Pro Football Focus.

Player Snaps Pass % Run %
Davante Adams 9 89 11
Randall Cobb 57 72 28
James Starks 25 72 28
Jarrett Boykin 49 69 31
Jordy Nelson 61 67 33
Andrew Quarless 46 67 33
DuJuan Harris 3 67 33
Eddie Lacy 31 58 42
Richard Rogers 20 45 55
John Kuhn 8 37 63
Mike Daniels 1 0 100