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Roster Update: New York Jets Cut Lankster, Sign Edds

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The carousel of players continues today with the release of CB Ellis Lankster and the signing of LB A.J. Edds.

This is one of the more interesting moves thus far. Lankster has long been a mainstay on the defense because of his special teams role, and as cornerback depth. However, with the signing of Phillip Adams and Leon McFadden, the team obviously feels like they have enough cornerbacks and not enough linebackers.

I like this move, to be honest. Lankster reached his peak and was never going to be a star. Edds had a phenomenal preseason, and in keeping with the theme of competition, earned a spot. It's still a very interesting maneuver though, and something I certainly didn't expect.

Thanks for the memories, Lankster.