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Fantasy Football: Who Was Your Biggest Bust?

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

All fantasy football players have memories of draft choices that seemed great at the time but turned into disasters. Who was your biggest bust?

Perhaps it is because it was so recent, but David Wilson last year comes to mind for me. He looked explosive when I watched him as a rookie. His workload was set to increase with the Giants last year. I used a fairly early pick on him. He fumbled twice in the opener and averaged under 3 yards per carry. He never eclipsed 55 rushing yards and went for under 20 in more than half of his games. These things were his fault. The serious injury he suffered that contributed to the end of his season and an early end of his career wasn't. It still was the cap on perhaps my worst fantasy football investment ever.

Is there a player you picked who really, really didn't pan out?