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Former Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaum Hired by the Dolphins as a Consultant

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Taking a break from preseason analysis, a bit of news came out of Miami today that some Jets fans may find interesting.

I think the Jets absolutely made the right move when they decided to fire Tannenbaum last year on Black Monday. However, I don't believe this was necessarily a bad move by Miami. Tannenbaum wasn't a good GM, but he wasn't the worst one in the world either. The Jets did some good things during his tenure, two AFC Championship Game appearances is more than a lot of GMs ever get to put on their resume. Maybe he'll be able to give Miami some solid advice based on what he learned during his time with the Jets.

Or maybe, Tannenbaum learned nothing during his time with the Jets, and he'll do his part in running the Dolphins organization into the ground with the same flaws he had up north.

Here's hoping!