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Jets vs. Colts: Five Pointing Down


Here are five players I thought did themselves no favors last night.

Dimitri Patterson: He got beaten short. He got beaten deep. He committed a penalty against backups. Not to make too much out of one preseason game, but he did little to put the concerns about him in a starting role to bed. We will need to see more going forward.

Offensive Line: Not a good showing by this group. It seemed like the right side in particular was struggling, not a surprise given the new right tackle and the right guard being limited by injuries. The pass protection was spotty, though, and there wasn't much space to run.

Chris Johnson: We heard a lot in camp about how explosive he looked. It's only one preseason game, but it didn't show. He looked more like the guy who was in decline in Tennessee. Granted, what I said above about the line probably had an impact. Johnson isn't a guy who is going to read blocks well. He isn't going to create a ton of yards on his own at this point. He needs room in front of him, and he'll go as fast as he can through that space. 4 carries for 2 yards was less than stellar.

Stephen Hill: We've been hearing about him doing well in camp. Then he gets shut out on a night where over a dozen Jets have at least one reception.

Jalen Saunders: Didn't look particularly explosive on his punt returns and went backwards on both. That's a habit that will lead to trouble.