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Jets Fantasy Football: Where to Draft Eric Decker?

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Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

In what has become an increasingly rare occurrence, the Jets actually have some fantasy football players worth drafting this year, namely Chris Ivory and Eric Decker.

Decker is likely the best option the Jets have. Where to select him is tricky. A lot depends on his quarterback play. This isn't that kind of lousy analysis that tries to claim Decker is a product of Peyton Manning and isn't really a good receiver. His size and ability to run routes translates to any offense. His fantasy production might not, though, and that to a bigger extent might have to do with Manning. Decker got open. He also had a quarterback who got him the ball whenever he was open.

A lot of this plays into a Jets quarterback situation that is unknowable at this point. You probably have to price that into your strategy and take Decker lower than you might have in a different offense.

Where do you think Decker should be selected?

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