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Jets Sign Bruce Campbell


By placing Jermaine Cunningham on injured reserve, the Jets created an opening. They signed offensive lineman Bruce Campbell.

The 26 year old Campbell was a fourth round pick of the Raiders in 2010. He had a monster Combine that year. People in all seriousness thought he flashed such athleticism that Al Davis would do something crazy like pick him in the first round.

He spent two years in Oakland before he was traded to Carolina. In this trade the Raiders got...wait for it...Mike Goodson. He missed 2013 with a shoulder injury.

It's tough to feel optimistic about Campbell's chances. Two teams have given up on him, nobody wanted him this offseason, and he still hasn't started an NFL game. It's not like there are many great options to fill an NFL roster, though. Maybe the Jets can figure out to mold his raw athleticism into something.